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Liking の意味

Meaning / definition of: Liking

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1. (noun) a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment (liking)

(お好, お好み, 好き, 御好, 御好み)

"I've always had a liking for reading"
"She developed a liking for gin"

2. (verb) find enjoyable or agreeable (like)

(嗜む, 好む, 好き好む, 御気に召す)

"I like jogging"
"She likes to read Russian novels"

3. (verb) be fond of (like)

(好く, 好き好む, 御気に召す, 愛す, 愛する)

"I like my nephews"

4. (verb) feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard (like)

"How did you like the President's speech last night?"

5. (verb) want to have (like)

"I'd like a beer now!"

6. (verb) prefer or wish to do something (wish, care, like)

(好く, 好き好む, 希望+する, 志望+する, 念じる, 念願+する, 愛す, 愛する, 所望+する, 望む, 欲する, 欲しがる, 欲求+する, 求める, 願う, 願望+する)

"Would you like to come along to the movies?"

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